Anne Carey witnesses the return of Voyager to Earth two months after the death of her husband Joe.She feels bitter about the timing of its return and worried about her eldest son JJ, who seems determined to follow his father into Starfleet and into the same danger.

Over the coming weeks, however, she recalls the messages Janeway, Paris and Torres sent to her in the aftermath and reviews the letters from her husband's crewmates and begins to realize his role in the Voyager family.Janeway visits the family home, bringing Carey's post-humous Medal of Honour and a model of Voyager he had been making, similar to the one JJ made. When JJ completes his father's model, Anne realises that his future lies in Starfleet.



Anne CareyJJ CareyKathryn JanewayTom ParisB'Elanna Torres
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Joseph Carey

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USS Voyager



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