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Willa McKinnies was a human female in the early 23rd century. She was a noted architect and urban planner, who had worked on sites all over Earth, including Antarctica, the Serengeti, and South Sulawesi. When not traveling, she resided in a home of her own design in Mojave, California.

In or around 2218, she conceived a child with Starfleet member and fellow Mojave resident named Charlie Pike. She gave birth to a son, Christopher, in 2219, and raised him as a single parent.

In or around 2227, McKinnies met Heston Prescott, a terraformer, while both were working on a deep-sea project near South Sulawesi. A little more than a year later, they were married.

Three months after the wedding, in 2228, the three moved to Elysium, a newly formed Federation colony, where McKinnies would be one of the principle architects of the capital, Elysium City.

McKinnies conceived a second child with Prescott; however, she and her unborn child died in 2231 before coming to term, when wildfires swept across Elysium and trapped her in the family's home. A street in Elysium City was named for her in her memory. (TOS novel: Burning Dreams)

"McKinnies" was also actor Jeffrey Hunter's birth name.

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