William Tecumseh Sherman (8 February, 1820 – 14 February 1891) was a human who lived on Earth during the 19th century. An officer in the Army of the United States of America, he rose to the rank of General during the American Civil War.

From May to September of 1864, Sherman's forces engaged in what came to be referred to as the Atlanta Campaign - a series of engagements fought in and around Atlanta. One of the soldiers under Sherman's command during this time was Thaddius Riker, a distant ancestor of William T. Riker, his "brother" Thomas Riker, and their father Kyle Riker. At one of the engagements of the campaign, known as the Battle of Pine Mountain, Thaddius was wounded and was carried from the battle by another soldier, revealed to be the Q known as Quinn in 2372. (VOY episode: "Death Wish")

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