Q's Winter Wonderland was a hibernal location controlled by q. The Winter Wonderland took the shape of a wintry valley surrounded by steep mountains. Class M conditions applied throughout the area, and the valley boasted fauna and flora. (STO mission: "Fastest Game on Ice")

It is unknown whether the Winter Wonderland is a real location or illusory.


Q invited guests to his Winter Wonderland since 2409. However, the Wonderland was located in a different year, and more years passed for the Wonderland than for the guests. When q invited guests for the first time, the Wonderland's year was 2011. While it was still 2409 in the primary universe, the years 2012 and 2013 passed in the Wonderland. The current Wonderland year was announced on banners q displayed on Earth Spacedock, New Romulus and in First City. (ST video games: Star Trek Online, Legacy of Romulus)


The entire valley was surrounded by a mountain range. Because these mountains were steep it was not possible for q's guests to investigate what lay beyond. The valley was covered in snow and ice. There were several artificial constructs and coniferous forests. (STO mission: "Fastest Game on Ice")

The valley's center was occupied by a frozen lake on which a tree had fallen. This lake was suitable for ice skating. (STO mission: "Snowball Fight!")

The inaccessible southwestern plateau served as landing pad for a starship. In 2011 (Wonderland time), the plateau held q's grand prize, a Jem'Hadar attack ship. The ship was replaced by a Breen Chel Grett-class cruiser in 2012 and a Plesh Brek-class heavy raider in 2013. (STO mission: "Fastest Game on Ice")

A construction made of wood, the gazebo, was the point of entry to the Wonderland and contained various services provided by q and his staff. Personnel included a Ferengi holiday item vendor, an Andorian tailor, a Romulan epohh researcher and a chef from an unknown species. (STO video game: Legacy of Romulus) A table made of a tree trunk sat near the chef. The Gingerbread Colony was placed on top of it. (STO mission: "Winter Invasion")

To provide fun for the guests and spectators, two tracks for ice racing were situated in the valley. The first one went around the lake and finished beneath the gazebo. Its starting location was the same as the finish. This ice track was serviced by two Breen race officials. (STO mission: "Fastest Game on Ice") In 2012 W.W., q added another track covering the northwest of the valley, terminating near a set of igloos. (STO mission: "The Fast and the Flurrious")

The northeast was barren except for the first ice track and steep mountains. The east and southeast of the valley contained a coniferous forest, and the valley's wildlife, including snow mastiffs and snow possums. (STO mission: "Fastest Game on Ice")

Q had placed snowmen throughout the valley. They were stylized depicting battles between Starfleet and Klingon Empire snowmen. As part of q's games, these game alive regularly. Guests defended themselves against the attacking snowmen by throwing snow balls or using snow projectile weapons. The snowmen ignored animals. (STO mission: "Snowball Fight!")


In 2011 W.W. (2409), q opened gateways to the Winter Wonderland on Earth Spacedock and in First City, inviting commanding officers in Starfleet and the Klingon Defense Force to partake in the festive holiday season. Q offered a Jem'Hadar attack ship as grand prize to persuade these officers in playing his games. (STO mission: "Fastest Game on Ice")

In 2012, q opened the gateways again. Officers of the Romulan Republican Force allied with either Starfleet or the KDF were granted access. Q added another ice track, and snowmen now became animated. (STO mission: "The Fast and the Flurrious")

Further changes were effected when the Wonderland reopened in 2013. Q added the Gingerbread Colony, which was under attack from the Snowman Baron and his minions. Mayor Truffles requested assistance from the Allies in defending the Gingerbread folk from attack. (STO mission: "Winter Invasion") The Plesh Brek-class frigate became an additional grand prize. In the primary universe, the year was still 2409. (STO mission: "Fastest Game on Ice")

In 2014 W.W. (2410), the wooden gazebo was replaced by a new structure made of ice crystals. Neelix took over as the chef, replacing the unidentified humanoid cook. Q's newest price was a Breen Sarr Theln-class carrier. (STO mission: "Fastest Game on Ice") A change of geography included the addition of a valley with four lanes. The ice fortress stood between the lanes and the main valley, and was protected by ice walls, bridges, and icicle towers against the waves of relentlessly attacking Borg snowmen. (STO mission: "Tide of Ice")

In 2015 W.W., q allowed the Gingerbread folk to branch out and build a village. The village had a mayo on its own but was constructed on sacred ground, causing the Snow Overlord to attack it. The village was protected by the Snowconian, a six-eyed sweets cone made of ice and syrup, which would engage the overlord. Neelix and the pie-eating contest Breen relocated to the Gingerbread village. (STO - "New Dawn" mission: "Cone of Conduct") This year's reward was the Rezreth-class dreadnought carrier, the most powerful Breen starship. (STO mission: "Fastest Game on Ice")

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