Xeldara Trask was a female Tiburonian in the 24th century, one of four deputies to Presidential Chief of Staff Esperanza Piñiero in 2379 and 2380.

Following the embarrassing incident regarding an expected visit to Earth by Romulan Archpriest Tamok in late 2379, Trask repeatedly insisted the Palais de la Concorde Travel Office needed to be held accountable. Piñiero and President Bacco repeatedly dismissed these concerns.

In February of 2380, Federation Councillor Gnizbreg of Tiburon offered Trask the position of chief of staff of her Tiburon office. After several months of contemplation, she decided to accept, in part because it would allow her more time with her husband, Arlon. Trask tendered her resignation to Bacco and Piñiero in May, following the disastrous state dinner for the Trinni/ek delegation to Earth. (ST novel: Articles of the Federation)

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