The Xindi-Arboreals were a species of Xindi, and native to the planet Xindus.

Physiology and Culture Edit

The Xindi-Arboreals were humanoids which were probably a result from an evolution of some sort of arboreal primate. They were covered in hair and had dark eyes, sharp fingers and also the distinctive feature from the Xindi species, the ridges on their cheek bones.

For some reason, the Arboreals had a great dislike and even fear of water, although they did drink beverages. They were also considered lethargic by the other Xindi species, and were probably the most calm and peaceful of the six species.

The Arboreals were known to have a good relationship with the Xindi-Primates, probably because of their common ancestry and similarities. (ENT episodes: The Xindi; The Shipment; Countdown)

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