The Xoxians were a telepathic humanoid civilization native to the planet Xox. Xoxians are red in color and have four cranial extensions along their upper skull. Xoxians communicates exclusively by telepathy, and as such had no natural ears, eyes or vocal cords. When the Xoxian ambassador to the Federation, Uxumel, returned to his homeworld in 2373, he carried a telepathic meme virus engineered by the Dominion to disable the Federation's telepaths. Since the Xox rely on telepathy for their sight, speech and hearing, a large segment of the population was rendered deaf, dumb and blind. In the ensuing chaos, cataclysms decimated many Xoxian cities and caused many of the stricken to take their own lives, including the guilt-wracked Ambassador Uxumel. (ST - Telepathy War comic: "Reality's End")

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