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Y Class, or Class Y starships were freighters deployed by the Earth Cargo Service in the 22nd century. Y class ships were built to replace the earlier J-class starships that had been used by Earth's cargo service in the early 22nd century. The design principles of a Class Y were similar to those of the earlier class J ships - with the major difference being that the Y class was a larger vessel.

The ships had a crew complement of 23; however, this did not account for children which may have been born to the crew members during their long voyages. Y class ships were capable of a maximum speed of warp 1.8. The eight cargo modules attached to the sides of the ship gave the ship a total capacity of 20 kilotons. The ships came with a single plasma cannon, however most freighter Captains upgraded their weapons as soon as possible as their cargoes made them attractive targets for pirates such as the Nausicaans. (ENT episodes: "Horizon", "Fortunate Son")

The Y class freighter was also known as Fortunate class. (ST video game: Legacy)

Known Class Y shipsEdit


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