Yaltar was one of the highest ranking female military officers within the Cardassian military. Starfleet Intelligence reports indicated that her rise to the rank of Gul was done so thanks to the support played by Legate Parn. It was unknown why Parn did this but it was believed to be attributed to the internal politics within the military of the Cardassian Union.

Gul Yaltar was known to be a ruthless commander and had been known to actively chase her enemies should they attempt to escape. She was not known for taking prisoners and had even been reported to have fired on Federation escape pods which made her a wanted person by Starfleet for the atrocities she committed during the Dominion War.

One of her quotes was noted to be; "Victory isn't everything, it's the only thing". (DS9 video game: Dominion Wars)

In 2375, Legate Damar sent an urgent message to Yaltar. (DS9 episode: "Image in the Sand")

It is unknown what her fate would be had she survived the end of the war.

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