For other uses, see Yar.

Yar was an old Human woman who lived in Turkana City on the planet Turkana IV in the 24th century.

She'd outlived her own gang and was reduced to being a derelict and petty thief. Around the year 2342, Yar found a frightened and starving five-year-old girl named Tasha and took her under her wing, seeking her company and training her to steal for her. In addition to teaching Tasha the skills of pickpocketing and lock-picking, Yar taught the girl to read signs so that she could find her away around the ruined city. She also kept Tasha away from the drug joy dust, which the girl had been born addicted to.

Seven years later, around 2349, Tasha found Yar dead one morning, and dutifully took her food, coins, pins, and a knife that helped her defend herself. Later, she took one more thing from her: her name, becoming Natasha Yar. (TNG novel: Survivors)

Survivors was written prior to the TNG episode: "Legacy", which elaborated on Tasha's background and gave her a sister. In a merged account, it may be presumed that Yar also cared for Ishara Yar. Alternatively, as Ishara was a baby, she may have been cared for by another woman.

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