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Lieutenant commander Yataro was a male Lirin officer serving in the Federation Starfleet in the mid-23rd century. He was described as an ambitious, excellent problem-solver who was composed and businesslike in all his personal interactions.


By the year 2269, Yataro had been assigned to the USS Endeavour as chief engineer, replacing Bersh glov Mog, who had died from radiation poisoning when engineering had been breached during the ship's defense of Starbase Vanguard from a Tholian armada at the Battle of Vanguard the previous year. (VAN novel: Storming Heaven, Seekers novel: Second Nature)

In 2269, after the Archer-class scout ship USS Sagittarius had crashed on Nereus II, Yataro was assigned to assist its crew with repair efforts and later took part in the defense of the ship from an assault by Changed Tomol. (Seekers novel: Point of Divergence)

When the ship itself participated in the fight after lifting off, two Changed landed on its outer hull and tried to claw their way inside. Yataro, who had stayed on board to assist with last-minute repairs, came up with the idea to electrize the hull to shake them off. (Seekers novel: Point of Divergence)

He later assisted with repairs on the Klingon battlecruiser IKS Voh'tahk. (Seekers novel: Point of Divergence)

Archer bio Defiant This article is a stub relating to a character. You can help our database by expanding on it.


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