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From solicitations: On Viden 9, the U.S.S. Enterprise encounters a planet similar to 21st century Earth, where the population has a never-ending appetite for entertainment, and people will do anything for fame. When Captain Kirk and his crew become media sensations, the competing networks that control Viden's government won't let them leave, unless Kirk agrees to a deadly "finale."


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USS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • hovercar
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Klingon battle cruiser


Stage 243Viden

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Starfleet CommandTrilateral Broadcasting CompanyUnited Federation of PlanetsVBC


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  • Like other issues in the miniseries this issues draws upon the traditions of TOS episodes, in this instance making a commentary on the current fascination with reality TV. It also emulates The Original Series by featuring an entirely Human looking alien race, whose technology and architecture is distinctly 20th century Earth looking.
Charlie X cameo

Charlie Evans making a cameo appearance

  • The top panel of page three includes a cameo appearance by Charles Evans from the TOS episode: "Charlie X".
  • This is the first Star Trek comic to credit IDW's new editor Andrew Steven Harris, who took over from Dan Taylor when he left IDW.
  • The ten pages of editorial content in this issue include a single page advert for the next issue of the Year Four miniseries.


  • This issue was available in three covers; two standard covers, one each by Steve Conley and Joe Corroney; and a third of more limited retail incentive cover, a sketch version of the Corroney cover.


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