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From solicitations: Telling the story of the Assignment: Earth Trek spin-off from Gene Roddenberry that never came to pass, a time-traveling U.S.S. Enterprise intersects with Gary Seven's efforts to save the future from a 1969 crisis that only he and his assistant Roberta can avert!


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John ChristopherDonnerIsisJames T. KirkRoberta LincolnGary SevenSpockHikaru Sulu

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USS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • Bluejay 4 (F-104 Starfighter)
Referenced only 
aircraft carrierUFO


EarthNew York CitySingleton Air Force Base
Referenced only 
Alpha Centauri

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Military policeSector NineUnited States Air Force


atomic bomb platformBeta Fivecatchronometerchronotropic fragmentcolonelcorporalEnglish languageItalian foodLieutenantlight speed breakaway factorlight warping fieldminiskirtnuclear missileservoshieldsmokingteleportertime streamtime traveltractor beamtransportertransporter roomwing camera


  • This story is twenty-one, rather than the usual twenty-two, pages long.
  • This issue was available in two covers: The same John Byrne artwork either with or without cover titles. The non-title version was a limited availability retail incentive.
  • The eleven pages of editorial content in the issue include an advert for the next issue in the miniseries and another page advertising the Mirror Images miniseries.

Related storiesEdit

  • Tomorrow is Yesterday (TOS episode) - This story take place concurrently with the episode, showing Gary Seven's activities during the Enterprise's time travel incident to make sure the timeline is not adversely affected.
  • Assignment: Earth (TOS episode) - Gary and Roberta reference their previous encounter with the Enterprise from this episode.


The story takes place concurrently with the TOS episode: "Tomorrow is Yesterday", beginning moments before the episode.

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