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Ytri/ol was a male Trinni/ek who served as Speaker, or the head of government, of the Trinni/ek people.

The United Federation of Planets made first contact with his world in late 2379 or early 2380, and in the months that followed, Ytri/ol worked closely with Federation Diplomatic Corps Ambassador Colton Morrow to lay the groundwork for opening diplomatic relations. In May of that year, he and a party of Trinni/ek representatives travelled to Earth to meet Federation President Nanietta Bacco and address the Federation Council. However, Ytri/ol and his party feel inexplicibly ill after leaving their home system, and at a formal dinner held at the Palais de la Concorde, broke into a paranoid outburst and abruptly left Earth.

After returning to Trinni/ek, Ytri/ol recovered, and expressed apologies to the Federation. However, on a return trip to Earth in August, Ytri/ol again fell ill, this time passing out on the floor of the Federation Council Chambers. He and his party were transported to Starbase 1 and observed for a week, during which time Ytri/ol's deputy, Second Speaker Rale/ar, accused the Federation of kidnapping. It was finally discovered that Ytri/ol, and all Trinni/ek, had developed a physical dependency on the megnetic field of their sun, and being outside of their system resulted in a slowdown of their peripheral nervous systems. This problem was rectified by returning to their home world. (ST novel: Articles of the Federation)

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