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Healer ZZolis was a female Uk'lean neurologist working at the Preserve on the planet Morassia.


Zzolis told Tracker Melas about the blow-out between Doctor Vi Hyunh-Foertsch and Constable LLiksze.

When the away team sent by the Federation starship USS Enterprise-D to investigate the disappearance of the former she pointed them to Watcher Tzudan and told them that Iydia arrived on Aramut's ship. Furthermore, she told them that the other Watchers were comatose after they had suffered a neural energy drain when the generators at the quarantine shelter exploded, making Tzudan the only Watcher on duty. She then sent the away team the neuroscans of the afflicted Watchers to compare them to animals the away team had found which had also been drained of neural energy at the biotable. (TNG video game: A Final Unity)



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