For the primary universe counterpart, see Zak Kebron.

In the mirror universe, Zak Kebron was the Brikar first officer of the Stinger, serving under Si Cwan.


Kebron was also one of Cwan's oldest and most loyal friends. He typically showed very little emotion. His speech sounded like "rocks sliding down the side of a mountain". Kebron wore a gravity compensator that could be adjusted for various gravity fields. Together with Cwan, he plotted to kill the Romulan praetor Hiren.

In the year 2372, he attended a dinner for Soleta and Rojan, Romulan passengers aboard the Stinger. During the Romulans' time aboard the Stinger, he displayed little patience for questions. When Soleta and M'k'n'zy took over the ship, Kebron offered to kill them, but Cwan let them live because they were holding his sister, Kalinda, hostage. Kebron killed a Stinger crewmember who tried to mutiny against Cwan's order to abandon ship and left the vessel in a shuttlecraft, which was destroyed by M'k'n'zy aboard the Stinger. (NF - Mirror Universe novel: Cutting Ties)



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