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Zarush was a class M planet, a Klingon colony world in the Cardassian Union. Zarush was one of two class M planets in the Zarush system, located inside the Pearl Nebula, in the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant. In the 2370s decade, Zarush belonged to the Klingon Empire. (ST video game: Armada II mission: "Uprising: A Dagger at Zarush")


On stardate 54642.8 (2377), a hitherto secret Cardassian fleet destroyed the Federation main reserve fleet, stationed at Starbase 109 in the Pearl Nebula. With Starfleet otherwise occupied, it fell to the Klingons to defeat the Cardassian uprising. Chancellor Martok himself came to the Zarush system. The IKS Sword of Kahless, flagship of the Empire, boarded the derelict Starfleet facilities and ships, and led the defense of Zarush against further Cardassian attacks. (ST video game: Armada II mission: "Uprising: A Dagger at Zarush")

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