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Locator logo showingthe galaxy's Beta Quadrant.

Gamma Eridani (also known as Zaurak or 34 Eridani) is a star with an associated star system, located somewhere in the space of the galaxy's Beta Quadrant.

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This star is a type M red star located 150 light years from Earth, where is is visible in the constellation of Eridanus. (ST video game: Starfleet Command III)

In gameplay, Zaurak was part of a list that were applied to systems on the game map, with random attributes assigned to them.

Gamma Eridani was the site of a Vulcan science space station in the 23rd century, at that point in time being at the edge of Federation space. (TOS novel: The Pandora Principle)

Zaurak II was the second planet in orbit of the Zaurak system. In the year 2385, Morn visited a bar on Zaurak II. (DS9 eBook: Rules of Accusation)




Stars, systems and objects of the Eridanus constellation
1 Eridani (Tau-1 Eridani)3 Eridani (Azha, Eta Eridani)13 Eridani (Zibal, Zeta Eridani)14 Eridani18 Eridani (Delta Orcus, Toredar, Epsilon Eridani)23 Eridani (Rana, Delta Eridani)34 Eridani (Gamma Eridani, Zaurak)38 Eridani (Beid, Omicron-1 Eridani)40 Eridani (Keid, Omicron-2 Eridani, Vulcanis)59 Eridani67 Eridani (Cursa, Beta Eridani)82 Eridani88 Eridani198 EridaniAlpha Eridani (Achernar)Beta Eridani (Cursa, 67 Eridani)Chi Eridani (Caleb, Kaleb)Delta Eridani (Rana, 23 Eridani)Epsilon Eridani (Delta Orcus, Toredar, 18 Eridani)Eta Eridani (Azha, 3 Eridani)Gamma Eridani (34 Eridani, Zaurak)Iota EridaniOmicron-1 Eridani (Beid, 38 Eridani)Omicron-2 Eridani (Keid, 40 Eridani, Vulcanis)p EridaniTau-1 Eridani (1 Eridani)Tau Eridani CloudTheta Eridani (Acamar)Zaurak (34 Eridani, Gamma Eridani)Zeta Eridani (Zibal, 13 Eridani)

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