The Zelva'tresht was a landmark on the planet Remus and was situated in the Astrakoth continent.

It was located by the far southern parts of the Zelvorian Plains and was the only remaining major Zelvorian religious site on the planet. This was an enormous ring of sculpted stone as well as obelisks which the Romulan's refered to by the name "Zelva'tresht" which meant "Zelvorian Stones". A majority of the enormous stones weighed over a dozen metric tonnes. Their arrangement was believed to correspond in part to the rising of the sun on certain days of the Reman year. However, the meaning of the placement and positioning of the other stones remained an enigma which the Zelvorian's refused to explain.

The right to earn a pilgramage to the Zelva'tresht was a goal that was sought by almost every Zelvorian worker. This had resulted in the past in a number of anti-Romulan riots over the centuries but the Romulans often used the threat of demolishment of the shrine as a means of keeping the Zelvorians in line. This was because the Zelvorians believed that some great catastrophe would occur if the stones were damaged or moved. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Way of D'era: The Romulan Star Empire)

The information from this RPG source contradicts canon elements from the movie which showed that Remus was a lifeless inhospitable world with no mention of a race called the Zelvorians. Its possible the Zelvorians were conquered on another planet and a monument was made on Remus or it's possible that the shrine was made by the mutated Remans.

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