Zeta-10 Scorpii is a star located in the Milky Way Galaxy.

In 2275, the USS Enterprise jumped into the path of the star when the starship was testing the inversion drive. (TOS novel: The Wounded Sky)

Following the conventions of stellar naming, this star would be in the section of Earth's sky designated as the constellation of Scorpius. Specifically, this would be the tenth star falling in a direct line-of-sight behind "real-life" stars Zeta-1 Scorpii and Zeta-2 Scorpii.
Stars, systems and objects of the Scorpius constellation
127 Scorpii334 ScorpiiAlpha Scorpii (Antares)Chi ScorpiiEta ScorpiiEpsilon Scorpii (Wei)Lambda Scorpii (Shaula)Zeta-10 Scorpii

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