Zeus was one of the many names of the most powerful of the Beings. He was the last to leave Earth. Also known as Jupiter, Woden, Amen-Re, Takami-Musubi, and Santa Claus. He prefers Old Father.

Zeus kept the other Beings locked away for a hundred years to keep them from demanding vengeance for the death of Apollo. Anubis and Artemis were the only two allowed to roam free. (NF novel: Gods Above)

During this time of imprisonment, Zeus and the rest of the Greek Gods ruled over a small planet, which they remade in the image of Ancient Greece. When the crew of the Enterprise encountered them on the planet, Zeus forced the crew to live through The Odyssey. (TOS comic: "What Fools These Mortals Be..")

Zeus was betrayed, and the others were released in the "Gateways Crisis". The Beings repaid his efforts by locking him away with their combined powers. Moke is his most recent son. (NF novel: Gods Above)

The story of Zeus and Athena was Worf's favorite human myth that was told to him as a boy by Sergei Rozhenko. (DS9 - Rebels novel: The Liberated)

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