Zicree was a Senite of the planet Sanctuary.

In 2268, Zicree was responsible for welcoming Captain James Kirk, Spock, and Doctor Leonard McCoy to Sanctuary. The three asked Zicree multiple times to return their shuttlecraft to them, but Zicree refused, explaining that all those who came to Sanctuary forfeited their technology. Zicree then directed them to the town of Dohama and transported away.

Later, Zicree would again encounter the trio plus Renna when they broke into a Senite seminary on the island of Khyming in order to access a transporter. Kellen had warned Zicree about the escape plan and Zicree interrupted the escape plan, forcing the four to beam to the village of Dohama again.

Zicree was later responsible for contacting Montgomery Scott aboard the USS Enterprise and demanding to know why Scott had launched a plague of Rigellian locusts on the planet. Scott informed Zicree that he wished to have his crewmates returned and Zicree used pictures taken by the Observation Unit to show Kirk, Spock, and McCoy were enjoying the planet. These pictures very nearly convinced the Enterprise crew to leave the planet.

Finally, after the trio from the Enterprise escaped the planet, Zicree talked to Kirk and told him the Senites might well change their way of life after the events that had transpired on the planet's surface. (TOS novel: Sanctuary)

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