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For the mirror universe counterpart, see Zim Brott (mirror).

The family photo of Brott that led to his death in 2375.

Zim Brott was a Bolian who served as a petty officer in Starfleet, and served aboard Deep Space 9 from 2370 to 2375.

In the year 2375, Brott was murdered after being shot through the heart by a TR-116 rifle, by a Vulcan science officer named Chu'lak. Brott was the third such crewmember to be murdered, and it was later revealed that he was murdered because there was a picture of him laughing displayed in his quarters. Brott was survived by a wife, a co-husband, and two children. (DS9 episode: "Field of Fire")

Brott's daughter, Danna Brott, later became the captain of the SS Azura, a Federation transport ship. (STO mission: "Stranded In Space")

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