Zoran Si Verdin was a Thallonian male in the 24th century. He was a member of the noble class, and thus very close to the young Prince Si Cwan.

In their youths, Zoran and Si Cwan were close friends, as well as sparring partners. However, in their teenage years, Si Cwan began to exhibit behavior that concerned his father, who charged Zoran with watching the young prince, and to report his observations back to the emperor. When Si Cwan realized Zoran's duplicity, it marked the end of their friendship. (NF - No Limits short story: "Turning Point")

In the year 2373, Zoran was one of the conspirators who helped eradicate the Thallonian royal family, taking advantage of the decline of the Empire caused by the gradual breakup of the homeworld. He also kidnapped the Princess Kalinda, who he brought to the planet Montos and in hopes she would help him to find the legendary Quiet Place. Upon learning Si Cwan survived the coup, Zoran lured him into a trap by falsely placing Kalinda's name on the passenger list of a refugee ship. (NF novels: Into the Void, The Two-Front War, End Game, The Quiet Place)

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